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Portable Pitching Mound

Portable Pitching Mound


Discover the ultimate in convenience and quality with our Foldable and Portable Pitching Mound, meticulously engineered for top-tier performance and effortless mobility. This more compact version, measuring 36 inches in width while maintaining an 8 feet length, is the perfect solution for facilities and teams seeking a balance between professional-grade equipment and portability.

Crafted to weigh approximately 100 lbs, this mound strikes the perfect balance between stability and transportability. The robust construction ensures durability and consistent performance, akin to its full-sized counterparts. However, the standout feature of this mound is its foldable design. It collapses completely, transforming into a compact, easily transportable unit. This design is a game-changer for teams and facilities that frequently move their equipment or have limited storage space.

To further enhance its portability, we've thoughtfully included options for both wheels and handles. These additions make maneuvering the mound around the field or transporting it to different locations a breeze. Whether you're setting up for practice, a game, or storing it away, the process is smooth and hassle-free.

The mound's 36-inch width, while slightly narrower than standard mounds, still provides ample space for pitchers to practice and perfect their technique. It's an ideal choice for youth leagues, schools, and any training environment where space and portability are key considerations.

In summary, our Foldable and Portable Pitching Mound combines the best of both worlds: professional-grade functionality and unparalleled convenience. It's not just an investment in your team's or facility's equipment; it's an investment in the versatility and efficiency of your training sessions.

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